Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recap of March Schmooze in Central OC!

We had a great schmooze in March! Topics varied: the state of the economy, cover letters, freelance editors, & upcoming conferences. Here is a breakdown of our main discussion points:

The state of economy It's a tough business right now (when isn't it?) But editors and agents still agree: readers still want (and will buy) great stories. So improve your craft, and keep writing what you care about- perseverance will get you through this tough time. 
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Cover Letters Be concise! Do your research and let the editor/agent know what you like about their work. Introduce yourself, and make sure to mention if you met them at a conference. Briefly summarize your manuscript, and don't be afraid to include samples of your "voice," what makes you unique as a writer. Include writing bio information, and always end your letter graciously!

Freelance editing If you've been through 3 or 4 revisions, and your manuscript still needs work, consider using a reputable freelance editor. Former Harcourt editor and current teen author, Deborah Halverson, does affordable & amazing freelance work. Check out her website, and click on "About Deborah" for more information on her editing fees. www.deborahhalverson.com

Upcoming conferences

SCBWI/LA Writer's Day 4/18
SCBWI/OC Agent's Day 5/16

Join me again in early May for another schmooze. Hang tough, and happy writing!


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