Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May schmooze at B & N in Irvine Marketplace

We discussed the market and what's selling. We read examples (first pages) of books like FANCY NANCY & ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN to look at the voice and how it hooks the reader. 

We also talked about conferences and critiques, and getting the most out of both.  It's often easier to go in with fewer expectations--and being happily surprised if you make a connection or get positive feedback. Try to approach all workshops and conferences with one goal in mind: becoming a better writer. And, if anything else happens along the way, then grab that good karma and run for the end zone! Take your critiques with a grain of salt. Put them away for a while. Then take a peek. It might surprise you how the comments you received, no matter how painful at first, actually make a lot of sense. But don't forget, in the long run, go with your gut. It's your story.

For just a bit of craft, we worked on developing new or existing characters. Writing from first person, we tackled three different emotional situations (joy, embarrassment, sadness) and shared them aloud. Some great writing emerged from these brave writers...

Stay focussed. Optimistic. And connected!

Thanks for schmoozing with us.


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  1. Great recap, Lori!!!
    Those writing exercises really helped me identify what was really affecting my protagonist.
    So, thanks.
    Hope to see you soon!