Monday, June 27, 2011

Self Promo and Picture Book Dummies

Self Promotion

We tackles every aspect of promoting our work and ourselves from promotional mailings to websites. We had several samples of ones that other illustrators use and like. We shares and discusses what works best for promo. We even learned that one of our own got a job illustrating with use of one of his own Postcard Send-outs... :) YAY!

Picture Book Dummies - Part 3

From visuals to discussing ideas everyone participated in our Part 3 Picture Book Dummies. Seems like we are all moving along with some sort of progress. We all shared our great success and our weak points in layout and composition. The phrase "Baby Steps" was used... as we all take our ideas and make them into visual masterpieces. We are going to have a part 4 with our Book Dummies as well as go over our Portfolios next month (July) before the conference in Aug. We have new people showing up and we are all excited to share and evaluate all work.

There is no such thing as bad work... all work is good. It is good to be consistent and enjoy it. Keep illustrating and bring what you are working on next mo. as well as your portfolios.

I just read through the Conference Blog and there are some great notes that hit home with me.... last Aug I was fortunate to stay late one day and was able to get a really great random portfolio review from a speaker. It was one of the best reviews that really made sense to me and I have been enhancing my portfolio since. So if you get the chance to hang out later on any conference days, you never know when or who you will bump into and make sure you are prepared to show your work and talk about it with confidence.

Draw well,

Jen Swain

Illlustrator Schmooze, SFV-Glendale Area

(Photo illustration Book Dummy by Diana Browning)

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