Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Hollywood Schmooze met on February 16th at the home of Rhonda Hayter. We had some tea and introduced each other. We discussed our recent experiences in the world of children’s media and book writing. Then, we attacked our topic of goal setting. The evening's discussion was valuable and enlightening.
We pondered the challenges of setting daily writing goals, working efficiently and completing specific projects. We shared our fears holding us back – the dragons we need to slay.
Stating concrete goals to be accomplished by October, 2012, our last meeting of the year, we heard our words echo and felt the call to action!
Turns out forcing oneself to set a specific, calendar-based goal is an important exercise, and not just because it might prompt you to work a little faster, but because it makes you plan ahead for all the eventual things that might get in the way. Pinpointing a date on the calendar helps you not plan other things.
At least for me, that is the way it has worked so far.
Thank you Rene for organizing.
See you at the next meeting!

Deborah Fletcher Blum, the blogger for the group

A schedule was set: 7 times a year: January – June, plus September and October.
(with July, August, November and December off)
Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7.

Topics include: 2 guest speakers and discussion of the craft on a Newbery winning novel to be decided at the next meeting. 


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