Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June in Bloom in Hollywood

June Hollywood Schmooze
Jennifer Rofe, special guest from Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Jennifer spoke of how she became an agent and went over opening segments from books she sold. Her stories of working with authors on their revisions and standing by them until they sold their first novel were heartening.

She is warm and intelligent, a young woman who loves her profession, and has the utmost respect (one might even say, love) for writers who she shepherds through the arduous task of first-time publication. And she sticks by her authors as they continue their writing careers.

the flowers on the way to the door
Why does one need an agent?

She replied: Why would you not want an agent?

Going into a deal with a major publishing firm without one, she said, is fool-hearty and na├»ve. You may get a deal, but it will not be anywhere near what you could have gotten with an agent and you may even get “scre—d.” (This is me paraphrasing, of course.)

So, do not fear the friendly agent. Find one who fits your style and go with it…so what if they take a cut off the top – that’s their livelihood! And that’s how you know that they are working as hard as they possibly can to get you the best deal possible – because they are working for themselves at the same time.

Rhonda Hayter on the left, schmoozing with a participant.
More schmoozing...

Our case you were wondering! Very Hollywoody, n'est pas?
We also had another guest, Rita Crayon. We look forward to seeing your photos, Rita. Thanks for coming!


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  1. Ooh, lovely post! My pictures are coming!! I'll get on it. :)

    The evening with Jen was wonderful--as was the perfect living room setting for it. Jen's passion came through in all of her examples, and she answered everyone's questions in a way that was personal, inspiring, and grounding--in a good way!

    Yay for Jen, and yay for the Hollywood Schmooze!