Friday, November 30, 2012

The Hollywood Schmooze Wraps Up 2012

The Hollywood Schmooze is off for November and December, so our last meeting for 2012 was in October. Rene produced the original list of goals we’d made earlier in the year. For some, it was way back in January . . . the embarrassing moment (at least for me) came when we said how far we’d gotten in accomplishing our goal.

One thing I am learning is to set more realistic goals for myself – I never knew how long writing a novel would take and what an involved process revising is. But it is important not to rush.

Some people had surprises – I asked if it would be okay to report on specific members achievements. And they said, “yes!”

Rhonda Hayter reported that her historical fiction novel is being shopped around by her agent, after her success with The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams (Dial.) And she now has a new writing assignment – content for an ipad App FAFARIA. She provides 500 word stories and enjoys the puzzle aspect of fitting the words into the structural requirements set by the editors. It pays too, which is good!

Avi de Turenne reported that he is researching a new novel and needs to meet with other writers in order to connect and share and not feel alone, which is critical for keeping his spirits up. He is sending out one query letter a week for his completed manuscript. Go Avi!

Jane Rosenberg, who published several well received books of Ballet and Opera Stories for children (Thames & Hudson) in the 90’s has written a novel that teaches about music and is exploring possible audiences for it. One suggestion was the homeschooling network, micro learning academies and CAVA, the California Virtual Academy.

Richard Manning had finished the first draft of his middle grade novel and is researching agents.

Cheryl Manning shared an adorable illustration and her four picture book manuscripts that she is readying for submission.

Many of the other participants shared as well, but that is all we have time for now.
Keep up the good work everyone! Get out there and network and increase your web presence. One thing I noticed, fact checking for this post was that it is a lot easier to find out about a writer if they have current web listings.

Oh, and guess who is the new co-coordinator of the Hollywood Schmooze to work with Rene? Yours truly, Deborah Fletcher Blum. Melanie had to step down due to her busy schedule. Thank you Melanie for starting this Schmooze.

As for me, I am working on the final (ha!) draft of my middle grade novel to ready it for submission and researching the life of Carl Laemmle (my cousin three times removed who founded Universal Studios) for a biography.

I look forward to working with the wonderful Rene Rawls and having a great 2013 with SCBWI and all the Schmoozes, especially the very special Hollywood Schmooze.
Happy Holidays – Hanukah! Christmas! Kwanza! New Years! Etc!


  1. Happy Holidays, Deborah and the Hollywood Schmooze! Congratulations on becoming the new Schmooze Co-Coordinator!!

    I love hearing about everyone's year-long goals. I haven't forgotten mine . . . I'm still working on it!!

    Hm. Back to work right now, in fact. :) :)


  2. Thanks for the recap. I look forward to attending the Hollywood Schmooze more regularly i the coming year - and hopefully being able to report that I achieved the goals I set last month when we revisit them in the November 2013 Schmooze!

    Have fun being a coordinator. I'll bet you find it very fun and rewarding!

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