Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Westside Illustrators (& Writers) BOOK CLUB!!

Hello Schmoozers!
A major thank you to our hostess Paula who allowed us the use of her home while she was tending to her hospitalized husband...we wish him well and hope he is doing better!!!Thanks to all that attended our January schmooze...
We missed those who couldn't make it!
We discussed the nature of creative minds... direction, focus, motivation, distraction...through the Stephen Covey Book,
"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". We tackled the 1st 3 habits and applied them to our creative lives... hoping to fortify our new year's goals by strengthening 'proactive' work habits and 'beginning with the end in mind.'

HEADS UP! Please join us February 18th for 
our next Westside Illustrators Schmooze...
This month will be a  BOOK CLUB meeting!
We will be discussing Steven Pressfield's book,
"The War of Art"....It is a teeny book with a huge footprint!

Available everywhere...


No need to RSVP now...
The usual invit
e will be sent out the week before...
Thanks to all! xo suzy

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