Thursday, May 30, 2013

May's Query Night at the Hollywood Schmooze

May's Hollywood Schmooze was hosted at the home of Rhonda Hayter.
Over Morrocan Mint Tea and Ginger Brownies the expanding group discussed QUERY LETTERS.

For writers, query letters are the introduction to their work. What can get an agent or publisher interested in reading your manuscript? Writers were invited to test out their sample queries in the group and were given tips for writing a good query letter:

1) Spellcheck and proofread carefully for typos and grammatical errors.
Agents and publishers will delete a query if a writer can't put together a sentence.  
Proper English is strongly recommended.
2)Just like your manuscript, your introduction should SPARKLE.

SCBWI Hollywood Co-Coordinator Deborah Fletcher Blum suggested this link:

3)Focus on the agents who would like your particular type of work.
Cheryl Manning wrote a personal query to an agent for her book "Bonsai Friends Forever." She gave a little background about herself, in her own voice.
4)The submission process is formal. The children's book publishing world is old school and the rules have not changed much with time. Keep that in mind when you format fonts, type size, paragraphs etc.
In June, we will compile a list of agents, editors and/or publishers to contact. Each member will contribute. Stay tuned for more information.  

Best of luck in writing, from the SCBWI Hollywood! 

By guest blogger, Kerry Liu.

Thanks, Kerry! See you next month in June at Rhonda's house again.

Happy writing and keep you queries "easy on the eyes" as one person said!


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