Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Year Begins for Hollywood Schmooze
            Hollywood Schmooze writers want their monthly meetings to focus on writing, connecting with other writers, and the business of writing.
“I’d like us to talk about our own writing process and how it’s going.”
 “I’m here for support, encouragement, and accountability.”
“I want to share info and get new info about the industry—especially about agents, and publishers.”
Some writers want to concentrate on various aspects of publication.
            “I want to find out about e-books.”
“I want to explore self- publishing.”  
(“If you’re self-publishing with the goal of attracting a traditional publisher, you’ll need to sell 10,000 books to be considered,” said a writer familiar with that route).
Others are looking for a supportive community in a world where friends and family get the end process—a published work—but not the road to it.
One writer said she’s looking for “A place to share knowledge. Bring something new, learn something new; a community, bouncing ideas off each other.”
Some came with ideas for topics for future meetings.
“I’d like a meeting where we talk about the titles and authors we love.”
“I want to talk about character building.”
 “I’d like to find critique group members.”
Others declared specific goals: “I want to learn about middle grade writing and I want encouragement in finishing my book.”
At their first meeting of the new Schmooze year, the coordinators elected to begin with the end in mind, asking writers to research agents.
Tips gleaned from their research included reading books the agent represents to determine if the work you’re sending in is a good fit for them. If it is not, keep investigating until you find an agent representing work similar to yours. If you don’t a single place where represented books are like yours, ask why?  Is it the writing, the topic, the structure? A critique from a professional book doctor, or attending SCBWI’s Working Writers Retreat, may help you pinpoint where to send your work.
Suggested websites to begin researching an agent:
Agent Query.com
Agent Query Connect.com – a forum
Query Tracker.com
Writer’s Market
Orson Scott Card.com
By Jean Perry
Co –coordinator SCBWI’s Hollywood Schmooze

Co-Coordinator Deborah Fletcher Bloom of SCBWI’s Hollywood Schmoozehttp://deborahblum.blogspot.com

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