Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Fernando Valley, Montrose Area - Illustrators Schmoozin!

April 16: “All kinds of Focus and Hocus Pocus”

We got out our brooms and swept the cobwebs off our Illustration/writing Goals for 2009!
We took a look at our individual direction and focus, making plans so we knew where we would be in months, years down the road.
Goals like - Do more life drawing, website design goals, goals to do a more consistent blogging, getting an agent, set dates for our first book contract, and book signing appearances.. this was some and there were lots more. Don't forget to review your goals daily and set new ones! We will catch up next month to see how our set of goals are all going.

We discussed what we want to get out of our Schmooze and new topics that consisted of:
An Agent day
An outing of life drawing at the zoo
Illustration web Blogging
Analyzing your favorite illustrator's style
Illustration History (Our Bingo night)
Illustrator special speaker

Also Viewed our Assignments for our Show– had Crits and suggestions for improvements.
Great going! Keep painting!

See you all in May!

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