Monday, October 29, 2012

Glendale Illustrators SCHMOOZE october

What a lively bunch!
So great to Schmooze with you all!
Great ideas for Promos... I really like the idea of the long postcards.. and odd sized, I think they stand out.  We had a great idea about sending out seasonal cards to publishers (art dir) this way they get to know you and may be looking forward to your next one, it keeps your art on their minds. It also gives you a project to do and if it is seasonal, a deadline... don't we love those. :)

We have a big Congrats!!! to Frans ... we got a sneak peek at some of his new Fuddles Christmas illustrations for the book! Yay ... GREAT JOB Frans!! See Fuddles first adventures here on Amazon!
or visit:

ALSO a BIG WOOT WOOT to Kent and his book that is recently published:

Another WOOT to Denise for her first Illustrated 32 page picture book.  The author Amber Housey has made a book trailer.
The book is "Just Because"

or go to her blog to view
You can also sneak a peek at the GREAT Chalk Fest illustration that 3 of our schmoozers did last July.

Next Schmooze is November 8. See you all soon.

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  1. So much greatness--it's so inspiring! Congratulations, everyone!

    Thanks for sharing the links and pictures. I hope to make it to your next meeting!