Thursday, October 11, 2012


We reconvened this September and it was good to be back! Everyone brought their copies of MOON OVER MANIFEST in preparation for our discussion about the book but first we had some catching up to do . . .

We discussed recent news from the summer months when we were off. RENE RAWLS, our co-coordinator, finished a screenplay and RICHARD MANNING, TV writer, announced he is teaching a UCLA Extension class on writing TV Dramas. Those who attended the SUMMER CONFERENCE in L.A. reported high points. 
My personal high point was the dancing (just it terms of pure fun) and
the most educational and inspiring part was hearing Clare Vanderpool speak.
THE AUTHOR OF MOON OVER MANIFEST described how she became a writer, how she writes in the kitchen WITH HER FAMILY AROUND and blocks out the noise with headphones.  (I usually can’t write with my family around, but I wish I could, but they certainly love being around them when I am not writing!)

At the SCHMOOZE meeting, we focused on aspects of this Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Once again Rene set up a great activity. We divided into pairs and discussed setting, point of view, characterization, dialogue and voice. When we shared our opinions with the group, there were differences. We all agreed that the novel is well-written and engaging and that setting and characterization are well drawn. I confessed that I cried at the end of this book because the resolution is so heartfelt.

How do you weigh in on this one? If you have read the novel, please place your vote:


a) Abilene’s story set in 1936

b) Jinx and Ned’s story set in 1918

c) Both stories

d) Neither story

(I vote for A. I was much more engaged in the 'present day' story of Abilene but there were parts of the 1918 story I found interesting.)

Next month, we will bring topic-ideas for next year – 1213 is almost here and we will be off in November and December. Also, look out for an article in Kite Tales on the Hollywood Schmooze written by yours truly J





  1. I vote B--Jinx and Ned's story. I was so caught up in that by the end. I thought the whole Schmooze was excellently organized, allowing us to really dig into various aspects of the novel on a meaningful level. Nice job, Rene! And nice job, Deborah, with bringing a little of that discussion's feel to this post!